My goal is that all my students find their true voice with the right technique. I teach private lessons and workshops and singing groups all over Sydney.





"Maria is the most amazing singing teacher I have found, and I have searched in many countries and tried many styles. She has transformed my singing to a level I never thought possible, and all this in only a few weeks of regular lessons. Maria has also helped me to build confidence and learn how to express myself and have fun with singing. She has an amazing gift to share as a teacher".

 Miriam  Hart ( Sydney )

Maria is far from being my first singing teacher. My passion for opera singing became more then just a hobby a long time ago. It is a long and difficult process of personal research. Each person we meet along this journey has the potential to bring us something valuable or equally to damage one’s voice. While it is always a very delicate procedure to begin working with a new teacher, it is a necessary risk in order to evolve as a singer. I consider my workshops with Maria as being very successful and key to my artistic development.

First of all she discovered my weaknesses very quickly (breathing). Secondly, with Maria being a very sensitive and open person, who facilitates communication, one is able to advance more efficiently. Thirdly I was able to learn important information regarding the nuances of musical performance.

In comparison to my other teachers, Maria pays more attention to the beauty, colour and quality of your voice (not just strength or loudness). She works on the whole vocal instrument rather than individual elements of it. This approach encourages you to feel a more complex and organic development.

She's got a very good approach to working on your breathing technique, allowing you to really feel and understand how your muscles work and giving you the ability to manage your voice.

She inspires confidence in your own abilities and provides you the necessary tools to become independent.

The only disadvantage is that there is never enough time to do everything…and you desperately wait for your next lesson with her.

Elina Grodzinskaya ( Paris) 

Maria is a talented, professional and hard working tutor with an amazing gift to spot student’s needs on the fly.She very demanding and often during the classes I felt like my brain is melting, but then I could clearly see the progress. Maria is incredibly social person and really cares about unleashing student’s potential: student's success is her success.Strong qualifications in combination with fabulous interpersonal skills and warmth - highly recommend.

Vadim Degtiar (June 2014 - London)


About singing group:

We had a lot of fun at our Sunday afternoon singing group with Maria over the past year, and it’s been fantastic to see how everyone in our little group improved their voice and gained confidence. Sometimes the sessions were unusual, and always highly effective and enjoyable. I still remember lying on the floor for some breathing exercises on one occasion with Maria checking out if we had properly engaged our tummy muscles and were breathing properly. I think we were all amazed about what we could achieve in the relaxed and fun atmosphere that Maria can create so well – learning a big repertoire of songs over the course of a year, reaching notes that we never thought we could, and having the confidence to sing solo. I’ll always remember these sessions in Maria’s lounge in Tewin, and the occasions when they finished over a nice glass of wine and a chat. And of course the beautiful garden party we had before she left to go to Australia, where we sang through everything we learnt in front of friends and family, and we probably entertained the rest of the village who must have been listening in J We’ll very much miss you. Your students in Sydney will be lucky to have you Maria!

Sabine Stanley ( London )


I started to learn how to sing 3 years ago. It took me a while, but I really moved up in terms of the quality of sound with Maria. We had double one-to-one classes and I always felt we could have triple ones:) Usually during the 1st class we were working on my vocal looking for techniques which worked for me. After a break we were rehearsing songs I wished to perform. Sometimes we had to deal with each word/sentence for the sound to come out in a correct way. Priceless experience! Maria has got tremendous patience and a great ear. I learnt to produce clean notes without all sort of strange/redundant sounds. I understood how important voice projection and resonance in singing are. Yet I was struggling with singing a song in the same key. I continue to develop my singing following the recorded sessions we had among others. I also became much more confident with pitching higher notes which sound fuller. Lower notes finally sound brighter. I could never imagine I'd try a classic song some day. Not bad at all after 1-year singing with Maria. It really helps with the quality of sound as well. I am happy we became friends with Maria, great person & wonderful teacher!


With much gratitude and greetings from London, Olga :):)

( London )




I am a senior living at this time in London and I used to enjoy singing. But grief and loss over the last few years have eroded my confidence and enjoyment of singing After  just one lesson with Maria this past week I have been rejuvenated .  And how ??

Maria has a way of asking  how one is .How is your life to you  these days ?So talking about sad things I recalled these events and was told to sing those tears into this song ...It took some courage but it was totally possible with Maria's attention.....I felt a deep shift of blocking in my throat  !! a release ...amazing !...And then to top it off I sang  the same song as a 5 year old doing my favourite thing swinging in the garden , joyful and free ....and I ended up laughing ....and all through a singing lesson !! Imagine  ! Music as therapy creative ,challenging and renewing !

Thank you Maria ....a life lighter.




Sean Paul Gilbride( London)

Maria has been amazing singing teacher, she has help my confidence, has been extremely patience yet firm with me. She is a positive person, sensitive and always encourages me. She always find a ways to get the best from me. She challenges and pushes me. I have met a wonderful lady and look forward to many more lesson and I'm truly lucky to have found such a wonderful singing teacher and friend now. X





I've been singing for a number of years and have had lessons withnumerous teachers during that time. In the first 15 minutes of my firstlesson with Maria, she knew my voice inside out, knew exactly whatmy bad habits were and also exactly what was going through myhead while I was singing. I've never experienced this before with asinging teacher. As well as having a exceptional am

ount of professionalexperience, she is a tremendous teacher and really builds your self-confidence. She is so friendly, patient and kind- I can't recommendMaria highly enough.


Warmest wishes,

Katie Manning.


When one reads a testimonials page one can be sure to read the mostflowery and overblowncommentary, assuredly selected to paint themost saccharine airbrushed version of the concerned party possible.Butin this case I must stand up for honesty and make a strident exception.For there is no way to avoidthe heinous complaints that there are; Mariais guilty! Guilty of teaching me to sing better than I everthought wouldbe possible, of being talented, of being committed and ever sounmistakably brilliant. And it does notend there! For she also helped meto achieve goal upon happy goal in a rather unholy short period of time.What's more! To ice this most bitter of cakes, I can only but lament thepassing of the gallows into history forI am now stuck forever witha remarkable and inspiring person whom I admire and respect inmy memory and mylife. When opportunity knocks, it's quite likely to beMaria.

Blair L.


When I had my first singing teacher with Maira I knew she was for me.Yes, it was love at first note. From lesson one she helped meresearched my High Soprano Callatura range and I was excited that Ihad something beautiful to work towards. My friendship with my voicegrew stronger and I am no longer afraid to sing my true voice. Shemade me really understand that every single note has a purpose and aplace. She has helped with my focus and intention and I know I havegang another level of clarity on how I share my energy not only insinging but in life.I always look forward to my lessons because I know they will bechallenging, fun, dynamic supported and so much fun! Marias approachto her students is – Everyone can sing! She simply helps you get your mind out of the way.As a Yoga Coach and Kirtan Artist, Marias holistic approach to Voice isa true gift. “Absolute Freedom” she would often say – and yes, that’swhat I embody when I leave when I’m willing to focus and give it my all.

Lulu Hogg ( Yoga Coach, Co founder


''She gives from the heart..... and is not only motivating, inspirational,but has that European charisma and sensitivity that she so generouslyshares with us all. We love her talent and her positive energy which isso infectious.Be sure to come back to Sydney...soon.''


Kind regards


Judy Anne


Maria has the rare ability to train any person to sing regardless of their level. I haveheard and witnessed the improvement of her students over the short period of time (3months) I have also been learning with her.

Personally I have had limited training (at age 17 and then 33 for a few months) in mylife. Recently I started singing again attending Kirtan groups and reconnected with myvoice. When the lovely Lulu recommended Maria for lessons, I was eager to get sometips again.

Little did I know that a complete transformation was about to take place. Maria hastaught me in little over 4 months, 3 times a week, to sing with my true voice in the “BelCanto” style, translated means beautiful song.


I am now able to sing for well over an hour at a time without a break without creatingnodules or stressing my vocal chords. I am using my breath properly to sing 8 bar runswithout a problem. Maria has taught me to sing Opera arias and as a result I have theconfidence to learn to sing anything. I can now call myself a Bass soloist and am only afew notes off including Baritone in my repertoire.


Without Maria’s wealth of knowledge, encouragement and patience I would not havethe understanding of the vocal mechanics and technique I can now call upon to singconfidently and brightly. Her training and talent as both pianist and singer provide anexcellent platform to learn from.


I have no hesitation and much pleasure in recommending Maria to take you to the nextlevel and beyond in your singing. You will be strongly rewarded with the satisfaction ofsignificant improvement and results by “Singing with Maria” lessons.



Andrew Grace



I never knew I could sing until I met Maria. She's the best teacher ever!


Evangeline Yeun


Voice training with Maria has been an absolute delight. She has thisinnate ability to know exactly where I am holding on with my voicewhether is be physical, mental or emotional. She can find the exactexercise for my voice to be able to find my resonant sound. She canpush me with her humor to dig a little deeper to find my sound with joyand she also knows when to be more serious. I love her as a person aswell as a teacher. It has been a privilege to learn with such a talentedand gifted woman. Thank you Maria I love you very much :)





My first singing lesson was amazing, Maria is more than a singingteacher, she has the ability to fathom where one's voice got stuck, andthen gets into unravelling the knots to unleash the authentic voice.I loved the fact she made me play around with a ball to distract me fromthinking about what I was doing and getting me to just feel into what shewas trying to teach, its fun, interactive and gives results.


I am sad I could not carry my lessons on, just the few I had havealready made a huge difference to my voice in just speaking andholding space. I look forward to working with Maria in the near futureand would recommend anyone wanting to find their authentic voice gohave a play.



As a professional musician and singer, I thought I knew how to use myvoice. I was very, very wrong. Maria has opened a whole world to me,re-set what I thought were my capabilities and improved my singingvoice beyond what anything I imagined. I highly recommend her as ateacher and hope others may benefit from her experience, warmth andabilities as much I do. Can't wait for her to come back to Australia!




Alex Young


I came to Maria with no musical background at all. Due to conditioning as childfrom my music teachers in school- I believed that the ability to sing or playany musical instrument was something that you are either born with or not. Ifanyone would have told me that 2 years ago that I would dare to open my mouthto sing in public…I would have rather believed that I can learn to fly. It tooksome courage to chase my dream to sing and I finally came to take lessons. Asthe time went by I started to feel comfortable with my voice and it ended up thebiggest change happened in my life.

Although most of her students have been singing before- up to professionalopera singers. She can also help people who cannot sing a note yet - like I was.

As each person is different, it is amazing how Maria can pick up what eachperson needs to open up his or her voice. You could be working on pitching,posture, breathing, training abdominal muscles or doing weird exercises likehumming with mouth full of water or laughing at yourself in a mirror.

Although lessons were hard work and even frustrating at times, I would alwaysleave the lesson in elevated mood and looking forward to come back next timedue to her contagious energy and passion to teach.

If you have a dream to sing but never open your mouth when opportunity risesthen this is your opportunity you should not miss. Go to see Maria. She canmake miracles with your voice; boost your confidence and you will have funsinging the same time.


Thank you Maria for teaching how to fly.

Taavi Tiganik




Maria is a remarkable singing teacher, with unique techniques that bring out the best in you. She is incredibly insightful and works to the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, customising the lesson around the student, not trying to work the student around the lesson. Amazingly, Maria can see your hidden abilities and manage to pull them into the light. 

Her energy is infectious. No matter what kind of day you have, you leave Maria’s lessons renewed and in high spirits feeling like you could move mountains. Maria has enriched the lives of all of her students. It is not every day you meet a person as special as Maria. She will be sorely missed and I’m sure we are all awaiting her return



I first experienced Maria's teachings three years ago now and I have never in my life come across such a profound voice coach. I have experienced true liberation in my body, mind and life! lol.... no really! These moments and lessons we have shared will be with me forever. We have all found a true Guru and made a dear friend. Life is bliss!



Lessons with Maria are more than just singing, more than just learning tools to access my voice. It includes body posture, breath, body language and embodying what I am going sing. She is so patient and extremely passionate about music and this gives me deep inspiration every time I see her. Her ability of seeing the pure essence of her students and the ability of being open to every kind of person are her big strengths. Her knowledge of music is not to doubt at all.She gives me the feeling that I have grown a lot in using my voice and at the same time she takes care that I stay grounded and not forget the basics of singing. Her feedback is profound and influences my whole way of living.Seeing her is a part of my week I always look forward to because no matter how I feel she is able to pick me up at whatever emotional level I am and we go from there! Knowing that makes me feel safe to open up my whole energetic body, step by step, by opening my voice!Thank you Maria, for your beautiful, inspiring way of teaching singing!




Maria Goodwin's singing lessons are challenging, nurturing & changing my heart & soul in a myriad of yummy & necessary ways. I couldn't recommend more the joy & satisfaction of coming along to resonate my skull with her. For me, Maria is the best teacher I've ever had! She creates with an embodied passion, dynamic crafty precision & a technical eloquence that’s got me soaring where never b4 & sweetly grounded. Sonic Yoga for my core! Vibrational clarity. She's a legend! I love & respect her purpose & capacity as a Sonic warrior. Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude!





Maria is a sensational teacher. I took my first lesson the other day and I didn't realise how fun a singing lesson could be. She's so passionate and explains it so easily. I am hooked! I've set up a weekly spot until she leaves. I found myself singing on the way home! Thanks Maria! Xoxo




Maria has such a beautiful spirit with amazing warmth and generosity. She has such a big personality, a great sense of humour and brings so much more than just singing expertise with her, Maria really helps to bring empowerment to us all. I always feel that she believes in me, at times more than I do myself. After a traumatic audition years ago, I never really got the confidence to sing again, in fact I didn't think I could sing at all. Although I missed it, I just couldn't find the motivation for it again. Maria, I can't thank you enough for helping me find my voice again and bringing back the joy of singing into my life. 




Singing lessons with Maria are so much more than just voice training. She challenges you to face the depths of your inner world through voice and expression. A passionate, animated and talented teacher, she encourages students to reach their full potential. I have had a handful of singing lessons with Maria, and each she has targeted a specific need and opportunity in my voice. Thank you Maria, for your love and passion. 


With love and sparkles, 





Maria Timofeeva, Voice Liberator. In a very short time Maria has become someone I truly treasure. She is a masterful teacher and a wonderful person. Her gift for bringing out one’s strengths and breaking through limiting barriers to vocal expression, both technically and psychologically, makes singing lessons a pleasure.


Maria’s practise is grounded in classical operatic, 'Bel Canto' training and she uses these learning techniques to firmly guide us to unprecedented areas of our vocal capacity. Even for someone who has no intention to pursue an operatic path (like me), this is a very rich and relevant way to learn about the voice, inside and out. 


Forever inventing new ways of transmitting the art of singing, Maria spontaneously structures her lessons so that we get the most out of the experience, no matter what level we are at as a singer or how we are feeling on that particular day. Singing with Maria is joyous and challenging, commanding full attention and using movement and imagination to create the right conditions for the real voice to come through. Sometimes she will suggest an absurd image that unlocks a technique and suddenly I find myself singing in a range I didn’t know I was able to reach, or with a clear and expressive sound that seems to come out of nowhere. Her Jedi mind tricks are highly efficient!


Maria loves to teach singing and to hear our vocal and personal breakthroughs. She has compassion and patience for anyone who undertakes this work and enjoys the challenge of finding different ways to help us grow and develop. Maria’s own beautiful voice reveals a power and generosity that blows away any confusion about what we are here to learn. The fact that she can demonstrate what she is teaching makes it much easier to understand how to produce such qualities in our own sound.


The process of opening my voice to its full capacity is exciting, confronting and life changing. A voice is such a personal thing; it could not be more intimately connected to us. Maria is definitely helping me to become a better singer but this work goes beyond music. I am very fortunate to have found a teacher who helps me evolve in so many ways.Thank you Maria

NAOMI (France)